I have a passion for helping each person I work with realize their inner strengths, their potential and the possibilities for change in their lives. I believe in “the work” and value the courage each person draws upon as we address their struggles and begin the process of change and healing. It is an honor for me to be part of the journey as each client learns to recognize their inner strengths– strengths that are often overlooked. (See "Common Questions" for more information.)

         In addition to psychology, I have a degree in Clinical Nutrition that I draw upon while working with clients facing eating disorders, eating/weight/body issues, IBS, and chronic or acute health issues. My background in nutrition enables me to work closely with clients’ physicians and dieticians to ensure that accurate health and nutrition recommendations are offered to increase the likelihood of each client’s progress.

         I believe that “wholeness” or “wellness” is achieved through or benefited by the practice of additional health-related activities. Research supports that time devoted to exercise/movement, interests/passions, friends and family, healthier eating, sleep, mindfulness/being present and spirituality can all have a positive impact on one’s sense of well-being. Helping clients create or maintain their own “wholeness” plan is often an important part of our work together.